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Intercity Moving


Intercity Moving

Harish Packers and Movers - Intercity Relocation

Harish Packers and Movers is one of the oldest intercity moving companies in India with a proven track record of over 15 years. With our in-depth experience, we know what is important to ensure a completely stress-free intercity move. The care and attention to detail is second to none and the intercity move is carried out with clockwork precision. We firmly believe in quality, not quantity, and that's why you can count on our highly personalized services with a dedicated Intercity relocation coordinator.

Packers and movers for Intercity

While packing and moving is one thing, moving to another city with all the goods and items is another. If you are aware and have stayed in the two cities of the movement, life during the moving phase is a little easier, but if the moving location is new then let the packers and movers help you. It's no joke to lift a complete setup and move it to another location. Packing heavy, small, light and fragile household items between what should be discarded and what should be carried around is a tedious task.

Packers and movers will help you move from one city to another with ease. It may be your first time but it's routine for them so make it easier and their recommendation is always appreciated. Some advantages of hiring a packer and mover for an intercity move are:


Packers and movers are constantly moving household and commercial items. They are experienced and therefore provide expert advice on when the journey to commute the items should begin so that they arrive in the other city at a reasonable time.


They help to sort the things in the house into different segments and do the appropriate packaging. Kitchen items are carefully packed and labeled and handled while fragile display items are sorted separately.

Packing Material

Packers and movers are generally equipped with all the supplies needed to pack the items carefully and ensure no damage occurs. Cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, sealing tapes and even wooden crates for fragile and fragile products are available.


Working regularly in this area, they have a systematic approach to sorting, packing and loading the items to ensure unloading and setting up is easy. They clearly label the boxes for easy reference and get things done on schedule.

Insurance and Octroi

This is an important aspect of intercity movement as it can cause significant delays in the smooth movement of items. The packers will arrange insurance and come with insurance against damage to your package. They also manage the octroi as part of their service costs. This helps to handle these aspects very professionally and with ease.


Since packers and movers have offices in almost all major cities, or at least have well-known packers nearby, they easily organize unloading facilities and understand the laws and regulations like taxes, routes, and emergency requirements with no problem.


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